US Distributor of Fox Valve/Fox Drain Systems

H.C. Ted Mentz started Environmental Equipment Inc. His idea for a more effective and efficient Floating Aerator became a reality in 1977 when the first EEE Aerator was placed in a sewage lagoon and performed better than anything on the market. With this success and company growth Ted looked for more exposure and opportunities in the overseas markets.

In Singapore, 1990, Ted met a representative of Fox Environmental Systems. The two men felt there was a good market for the Fox Diversion Systems in the US, as there was no US-based first flush system distributor. The conversation began and a new company ‘Wastewater Diversion Systems Inc’ was formed, to this day they are the sole authorized US Distributor for Fox Environmental Systems.

Wastewater Diversion Systems Inc.

Wastewater Diversion Systems Inc. are represented by local agents around the country. In Southern California, Fox Environmental Systems are represented by Delco Sales with a sales team of over 20 staff. The team at Delco Sales will provide a speedy response and solutions to all engineer and customer inquiries.

System Installations & Applications

In the US, over 5,000 fox drain/fox valve systems have been installed across the country, including in all Los Angeles school yards, all 62 Dallas fire stations, and multiple domestic and internationally located US military bases.

The applications of Fox’s systems are endless. Whether you need a top-of-the-line wash down area, or have a storm water run-off problem, or other situation causing a pollution problem, Fox Environmental Systems is the ‘Pollution Solution’ for elite Storm Water Protection.

The Fox range of Diversion Systems include Demand Driven Wash down, First Flush System, Spill Control, and Constant Monitoring and even Custom Designed Systems to meet your specific pollution problem.

Fox Drain/ First Flush System Installations include:

All equipment wash down areas, gas stations, any fuelling area, wineries, parking lots, equipment storage areas, auto recycling facilities, amusement parks, airports for de-icing, beach showers, hospital emergency, chemical exposure, military wash racks, wash areas for sea containers, marina boat wash and slipway, all types of vehicle wash downs, fire trucks and equipment, police stations, parks and recreation, lunch areas, loading docks. Trash bins and even high-rise roof-top dog parks!

IAPMO Certified

For Installations in California All Fox Valve/ Fox Drain and First Flush Systems are IAPMO certified (The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials IGC 234- 2106), Our Systems also have LA Building Approval.

Through our Distributors in California “Delco Sales”, we are also members and strong supporters of ASPE (The American Society of Plumbing Engineers)

Get in Touch

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