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Chek Lap Kok airport Hong Kong

At the time of design this wash area was thought to be one of the biggest wash bays in the world. Our Engineering team together with Fox Environmental Systems broke new ground with the system designed for our Airport. We are very pleased with the result.
Anthony Cheung Man Yuen, CEO

The Task

Hong Kong had big plans for it’s new airport design including state of the art water treatment systems both inside & outside the main terminal building. The new 12.48 km2 site was going to be a major passenger hub as well as being one of the largest passenger terminals in the world. With over 50 million passengers expected through the terminal a year this meant all aspects of the design had to be accurate & correct.

The plane wash bay proposed its own problems both with the size and traffic through the area. The Engineering team came up with the below listed criteria and contacted Fox Environmental Systems for some advice.

  • Large open unroofed wash pad (over 50,000 square metres)
  • Wash 2 x 747 jumbos at one time
  • Frequent use at peak times
  • Use of harvested water for washing
  • Automated First Flush Diversion System
  • Water Treatment System

The Plan

To design a custom First Flush Diversion System big enough to handle a wash area over 50,000 square metres and accommodate the First Flush in the high rain fall climate.

The Solution

Fox Custom First Flush plate mounted Diversion System

This fully automated system included:

  • Custom sized and manufactured Diversion Valves
  • Plate mounted
  • First Flush Systems to take the wash water from the plane wash down to treatment.
  • As well as take the First Flush of rain (10mm)

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