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Spill Control Diversion providing 24hr Wastewater Solutions

Run-Off Monitoring Spill Control Diversion Systems

Fox Environmental Systems provide effective spill control wastewater solutions with run-off monitoring.

The cost of capturing, holding and treatment of large volumes of run-off that is associated with a conventional 'first flush' capture system have been greatly reduced by the introduction of the Fox Model SCS600 Spill Control Diversion System.

A spill control diversion system with run-off monitoring will monitor the quality of run-off leaving the site and will capture only run-off that is polluted by free floating hydrocarbons (with the exception of minor amounts of housekeeping diversions).

These reduced quantities result in less running time for treatment systems, less volumes discharged into the tradewaste system and therefore significant savings.

All this while providing a 24hr pollution watchdog to your site.

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Spill Control Diversion Systems

Fox Environmental Systems offer custom design & treatment systems solutions.

Fox SCS600 Specification

Fox SCS600 BRT Specification

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