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Fox Transfer Closure System TCS

The Fox Transfer Closure System (TCS) unroofed diversion system is specifically designed to protect the stormwater from major or minor spills while transferring potential hazardous liquids such as fuels, on site.

The Fox TCS double acting Diversion System will automatically (or manually) lock down the stormwater during transfer. Once the stormwater is shutdown any spills are diverted to an underground blind tank, protecting the Environment from any pollutants. Once the transfer process is complete and the area is free from spills the Diversion System will automatically lock down the holding tank protecting it from rain water and the stormwater will open again, diverting any rain water to stormwater. The TCS is designed for unroofed Fuel Stations, Fuel Farms or any site where hazardous liquids are transferred.

 The Fox TCS Diversion System protects your business and the Environment


Fox Transfer Closure System TCS

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Fox TCS Spec

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