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First Flush System for Rainwater Diversion

View our Fox Enviro rainwater first flush diversion system model specifications on the left side of this page. A first flush system treats polluted run-off before it enters the stormwater network.

Why use a Fox First Flush System?

  • Watermark Certified
  • IAPMO Certified
  • Simple to Engineer and design
  • Easy to install
  • No pillars, posts or any above ground structures to restrict access to the area
  • More efficient at protecting the sewer from rainwater, than a roof
  • Does not restrict the size of the wash bay like a roof does
  • Simple automated operation
  • Automatically takes the “First Flush” of rain and diverts it to treatment
  • Easy to maintain
  • Huge cost savings to the customer

How do you wash a plane, helicopter, shipping containers, heavy earthmoving equipment or any large mechanical equipment without polluting the stormwater and without installing an expensive roof?

The Fox Model FF600 First flush Diversion System is specifically designed to automatically divert the 'first flush' of rain (on the wash bay) to treatment, protecting the Stormwater from left over dirt etc from the wash bay.

The system is programmed to ensure that the diversion takes place only after a washdown and will only take the set volume even if the rainfall is intermittent. These features will ensure that only a minimum volume is captured for treatment and disposal into the treatment system. 

Traditionally roofs have been used to eliminate rainwater from the sewer system in washdown areas. Apart from the initial costs involved in roofing a large area, roofs are an inefficient way to protect the sewer from rainwater (windblown rain will enter the area) roofs also limit the the washdown area due to the size and height restraints.

First Flush Washdown Diverison System Specs 

Fox FF600 Specification

Fox FF600 BRT Specification

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