Recycling Systems, Solids Separation and Wastewater Treatment


The FD1500 Incline Lamella Tube settler clarifier has a compact, skid-mounted design that performs a continuous or batch flow chemical precipitation process.

The FD1500 incorporates two chemical process reaction chambers, a flocculation chamber, and an inclined tube separator for solids separation.

The FD1500 has been used in a wide range of applications for Industrial wastewater treatment, including custom treatment, recycling systems, solids separation and wastewater treatment systems.

Some markets / industries where the FD1500 is commonly used are:

  • Marinas
  • Vehicle washes Incl heavy duty truck wash
  • Stormwater / wash down area recovery
  • Small drinking water clarification plants
  • Petrochemical, Printed circuit board manufacturing
  • Metal finishing/plating
  • Industrial laundries
  • Landfill leachate / ground water remediation.
  • Many other applications

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