Demand Driven Washdown Diversion Systems


Why use a Washdown Diversion System?

Traditionally roofs have been used to eliminate rainwater from the tradewaste system in washdown areas. Apart from the initial costs involved in roofing a large area, time has proven this to be both an inefficient way to control rainwater (wind blown rain will enter the area) and a severe limitation on the efficiencies of the washdown activities due to the size and height restraints of roofed areas.

Flexibility of Design

A Fox Demand Driven Washdown Diversion system can be installed in any convenient location and will provide protection of the environment from the run-off from washdown areas. The system is virtually self contained and can even be installed in a space that doubles as a parking area.

When a wash operation is taking place the diversion valve will be held in an open position allowing all runoff to go to tradewaste. When washdown ceases the valve will close allowing any rain to fill the chamber and leave through the stormwater outlet. It is most important that the area is left clean as there is no protection for the environment when a wash operation is not taking place. Should the area not be able to be left clean the Fox First Flush System would be recommended (FF600).

The unit is fitted in a polyethylene chamber with a 400 square medium duty grate. A galvanised steel mesh stone basket is fitted below the grate to capture solids and free floating debris. This is removable for disposal of the captured pollutants. A Fox Model DV150 stormwater diversion valve is installed in the bottom of the chamber. A Fox Demand Valve is provided and must be installed prior to the wash point. A ½” copper drive line is installed from the demand valve to the connection point of the chamber by the installing plumber. This is the signal line that will activate the diversion of the unit when a demand for wash water is detected. Plumbing regulations require that an RPZ unit is fitted prior to a hosepoint in the wash area. Fox can supply an RPZ and strainer on request.

In some Shires it is a requirement that washdown cannot take place in open areas during a rain event. The Fox Model DD600S WDSD provides this facility. Local Council Regulations should be confirmed before installation.

Fox Diversion Valves.
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