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Wash Bay Treatment & Diversion System | PIHA Earth Moving

Fox Environmental Systems installed an approved AQIS wash bay treatment & diversion system for PIHA, a Perth earth moving business. Read the case study.

“We are very pleased with the Fox Diversion & Treatment System. From the time it was installed it has worked efficiently and made our wash down process much easier.
Saving us time & money but more importantly keeping us compliant with the local authorities.” Peter Gavranich

The Task

PIHA is Earth Moving business based in Perth, with mining contracts in both Australia and PNG. Due to a large increase in the demand for their equipment the site including their existing work shop & wash bay needed an up grade. The machinery returning back from PNG needed to be washed & cleaned in an approved AQIS wash bay, before it could be serviced. Due to the size of the earthmoving equipment the wash bay could not be roofed. PIHA approached the WA Fox Distributor Burdens Australia for advice.

The Plan

Paul Wright from Burdens contacted David Dickson from Fox to discuss the extreme site conditions including high loadings of silt, solids, oils and grease as well as the strict discharge parameters set by AQIS. After a few site visits the plans were drawn up & sent off for approval.

The Solution

A Fox First Flush Diversion System, Fox Oil Separator and FD1500 Lamina Clarifier Filtration System.

This fully automated system included:

  • Custom FF600 (First Flush) diversion system that diverts the wash water to treatment and automatically cleans the wash area in the event of rain. Preventing any contaminants left on the wash pad from contaminating the stormwater.
  • A custom treatment system including a Fox Oil Separator and FD1500 Lamina Filtration System with 100 micron discharge filters. Cleaning the waste water to a level acceptable to discharge to town sewer and compliant with current AQIS regulations.

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