Demand Driven Washdown Diversion Systems

Demand Driven Washdown Systems The Fox DD (Demand Driven) washdown systems comes in two models - DD600S for non-silt applications such as bin washing areas or the DD600 for larger washdown operations. Both systems rely on the work area being left free from pollutants after the washdown activity has ceased. For operations where the area may be left polluted a Fox Model FF600 (First Flush) system should be installed.

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First Flush Diversion Systems

First Flush SystemsThe FF (First Flush) system is used in situations where the operation taking place generates a polluted run-off that needs to be captured for treatment prior to entering the stormwater network and the potential exists for pollutants to remain after the operation ceases.

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Oil Water Solids Separator Treatment Systems

Oil/Water SeparatorsWith the expertise that comes from many years of system design Fox Environmental Systems have developed their range of Oil Water separators. Available in flow rates from 1000 litres/hr to 6000 litres/hr. The units are all stainless steel construction and employ the world's best practices for water cleaning and polishing.

Custom units available up to process rates of 15000 litres per hour.

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Constant Monitoring Diversion Systems

Constant Monitoring systemsA Fox CMS (Constant Monitoring System) will provide total protection for applications where the potential pollutant is water soluble and there is a need to detect and divert run-off where concentrations are not suitable for discharge into the stormwater network. The CMS system is especially suited to sites such as Milk Depots, Wineries and Chemical Plants.

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Spill Control Diversion Systems

Spill COntrol Systems A Fox SCS (Spill Control System) is used in applications where there is a need to ensure that a spillage of 'free floating hydrocarbons' (oils or fuels etc.) cannot leave the area. The system provides 24hr protection to sites such as bulk liquid storage facilities, Service Stations and Re-fuelling areas.

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Gross Pollution Traps

Gross Pollutant Collection UnitsThe design philosophy of the Fox GPT (Gross Pollutant Trap) unit is to remove pollutants at the source. Trash, silts, solids and floating debris is captured in a user friendly basket that promotes regular cleaning due to the ease with which it can be achieved. Hydrocarbons are then trapped on the surface of the water beyond the baffle unable to reach the outlet pipe.

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Silt Traps

Indoor wash bay A Fox model PT600 'Silt Trap' is ideal for installation in an indoor wash bay or outdoor areas with no vehicle access.

The Silt Trap has a basket with approx. 50 litre capacity which is easy to remove ensuring simple simple, low cost servicing and maintenance. If the intensity of rainfall exceeds the flow capacity of the silt basket or bad housekeeping has allowed the basket to become full, water will back up onto the catchment area.

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