Silt Trap for Wash Bays

A Fox Model PT600 silt trap is ideal for installation with a indoor wash bays or a open areas where silt and debris cannot be controlled. The silt trap unit has a basket with an approximate 50 litres capacity which is easy to remove, ensuring simple, low cost servicing and maintenance. If the intensity of rainfall exceeds the flow capacity of the silt trap basket or bad housekeeping has allowed the basket to become full, water will back up onto the catchment area. For applications where this is not acceptable a high flow basket should be used.

If a high volume of silt is expected, it is recommended that a grated drain is installed prior to the PT600 silt trap with baffles to encourage silt settling in the drain where it can be cleaned up by shovel or similar. To facilitate a grated drain a riser can be fitted. This is a standard option and we would be pleased to provide more details should you require them for your application.

The Silt Trap system will be installed by others in accordance with the instructions provided by Fox Environmental Systems at the time of ordering.

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